A little poem ahead of the march

If a few more folk got off their arses,
The few of us would need less marches,
But on their arses they do sit,
While all around them goes to shit.

So once more we’ll march in their stead,
With hopes that they’ll heed what we’ve said,
And switch of the bleedin’ X Factor,
To pay attention to stuff that matters.

And though that hope might be forlorn,
For some of us it’s how we’re born,
Stand and fiddle as Rome burns?
Nah, bog that, it’s Parliament’s turn.

(I’m not actually inciting the burning of Parliament, even though the closing scene of V For Vendetta is quite amazing. It ain’t the building, it’s the folk inside it who do the damage.)

(And yes, that should be ‘fewer’ marches in the second line but ‘fewer’ didn’t scan.)

Friday, October 19th, 2012 Political Bits

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