All Out On N30 – A Musical Prelude

On Sunday 27th* November I will be drunkenly playing on the internet in anticipation of Wednesday.

In anticipation of Wednesday. That’s not something one could normally say. Wednesdays are really a mild cheddar of a day, not the distressing cloud of ‘I left the cheese out of the fridge after making drunken cheese on toast on Saturday and now it’s all hard and stuff’ dismay of a Monday but not the ‘Goats cheese? Really? How splendid!’ glory of a Friday. Wednesdays are finding mild cheddar in the fridge and knowing your beans on toast will have the cheesy exuberance on which they rely.

No. Next Wednesday is a special Wednesday. It is a Wednesday hoist aloft by an importance which, to be fair, a Wednesday isn’t usually due.

If you don’t why next Wednesday’s special you probably don’t want next Wednesday to be special. If that’s the case you can fuck off on a fuckstick made of fuck.

For everybody else, there will be some live internet songs and meanderings from myself and The Repercussions on Sunday ‘twixt 14.00 and 17.00.

You can tune in here:

You can also say you’re attending the Facebook event here:

There will be swearing. The C word is likely to be used. I hate to use the word Conservative but sometimes the cunts make it necessary.

Friday, November 25th, 2011 Musical Bits

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