BBCQT 27/10/2011

A song:

(Beware – although it’s short it packs in a fair bit of swearing.)

BBCQT 27102011

The lyrics:
I can’t believe you’re sitting there,
They’ll need to call in more cunt chairs.
In fact, if it is not remiss,
A cunt sofa wouldn’t go amiss,
You right wing, Tory feckers!

The party line on Question Time,
The world does not hold enough wine,
To get through this,
I can’t be pissed,
Enough to plough on through this,
Without wanting to kick all your fucking heads in.


For the record I have actually never kicked, and don’t think I’ll ever kick, somebody’s head in. I’m much more likely to hug them.

Thursday, October 27th, 2011 Musical Bits, Political Bits

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