Poseidon Adventure (TV 2005) Reviewed in Tweets

Poseidon Adventure (TV 2005) (Rotten Tomatoes) is truly one of the most remarkable films ever made, so remarkable Andria Fag Hag and I felt compelled to live tweet a review during a Sunday afternoon viewing. These are the tweets. There’s a lot of farting.


Rarely has the art of smell the fart acting been so copiously deployed. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Clive Mantle, Rutger Hauer, Bryan Brown and Steve Guttenberg? Crikey. This is proper classy. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Ye gods, enough of the character development, hurry up and capsize the fucker. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Clive mate, I know you’re doing your best with the acting thing but really it’s a waste of time. #poseidonadventure #movies24

So far we’ve had smell the fart, follow through, pissing standing up and even a bit of wank acting. Quality. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Who do you send the mayday email to? The coastguard? The navy? No, a random old school friend, obviously. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Wow! Double wank under the blanket acting! This is just immense. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Sublime follow through acting from Clive Mantle there. #poseidonadventure #movies24

A finer example of combined smell the fart acting and sneakily pissing standing up acting I have never seen. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Good god, Steve Guttenberg’s turning in to William Shatner. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Aha! They waited until no-one else was around before they started acting proper! Shame about the actual lines. #poseidonadventure #movies24

‘I get on peoples’ nerves sometimes’. Well yes. You’re the kid in an American disaster movie. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Is it me or does Movies 24 have the most depressing adverts on telly? #poseidonadventure #movies24

There’s a hell of a lot of Kurt Russelling going on in that dinghy. #poseidonadventure #movies24

I am reliably informed that in the book the kid cops it. I fear this version will feature no such happy ending. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Awww. Steve ‘The Wank’ Guttenberg’s under the blanket wanking acting partner’s about to cop it. Tragedy! #poseidonadventure #movies24

You can tell when somebody’s about to die in this. It’s when they start acting. #poseidonadventure #movies24

Crikey, the farts have got so bad they’re all doing the Full Shatner. #poseidonadventure #movies24

And so it ends. I’m not sure how I can go on without it in my life. #poseidonadventure #movies24

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