Fuck Labour

A lot of my friends are Labour party members. A fair few are in the LRC. To them I say this: if a party appeared tomorrow which was pro-cuts, pro-privatisation, pro-tax havens and attacked benefit claimants and immigrants would you support it? Would you join it in the hope of changing it?

I have some sympathy with the argument that Labour are the only viable political alternative to the Tories but I don’t think that it justifies being a member of the enemy. Labour won’t change. At present their manifesto seems to consist of ‘Support us because we’re not the Tories’. That’s not good enough. We need a Labour party which actually stands up for workers, a Labour party which turns up to vote against the opposition and a Labour party that shuns the neo-con agenda which is inflicted on us in Parliament and the media.

We don’t have that Labour party. We have a Labour party which is barely distinguishable from the Coalition arseholes sitting opposite in the House of Commons. Have a look at your Labour MP’s voting record. Unless you’re in one of thee or four constituencies it tends to be sobering reading.

Labour need to change but they won’t change. They think that they won’t have to win the next election because they assume the Tories will lose it. I think they’re probably correct. That’s why I despair of my friends who are Labour members.┬áLabour need to be taught a lesson. Fighting from the inside clearly doesn’t work.

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 Political Bits

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