How would Sir like it up him?

Tonight the ConDem Government voted against the use of lube.

We already knew that they were going to fuck us. George Osborne’s had his lascivious eye on the Civil Service’s arse for months, and has made no secret of it. He’s been salivating at the thought of shoving his Tory Todger up the Public Sector ever since he got his hands on the Red Box of Bad.

We knew that he wanted to take us roughly. We knew from his lack of sweet talk that he had little thought for the integrity of our behinds. He wants satisfaction, no matter what the cost to the thinly stretched underskivvies of the nation or the terrified, clenched rear of those who try to keep those underskivvies intact.

With the help of his mates, especially the fluffer named ‘Hunt’,  he has now ripped those underskivvies from our clenched buttocks and, with a vote of 307 to 244, been given a mandate to fulfil his dream of reaming us without lube.

I only hope we make his unlubed Tory Todger very, very sore indeed.

Apparently the Lib Dems abstained. They could have stopped this violation of those who keep this country together. They chose not to. They chose to stand by and watch.

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 Political Bits

2 Comments to How would Sir like it up him?

  • And so it begins….

    The Civil Service will not be silent in the matter. We cannot stand idly by and watch this happen.

    We did not create this economic climate, we did not cause the failure in the financial systems, nor did we make any of the decisions that led to the deficit. Politicians did. Not the Civil Service.

    All our futures are at stake here.

    We cannot and will not be silent.

    • Dave P says:

      Indeed. Somehow we have to counter the right wing rhetorical lies and get the Lib Dem MPs who have a conscience to vote with it.

      I think we’re probably stuck with the Tories for a full term. Somehow we have to frustrate their desire to rip the public sector apart from behind.

      It ain’t going to be easy.

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