My Unambitious Political Hope

This is not a call to revolution and it’s not much of a hope to be honest:

My hope is that Labour lose a shit load of members over the next few months, enough to make them ask why they’ve been deserted. They get told,

‘It’s because you abandoned the workers you numpties!’

Labour then start listening to the people who are being hardest hit by the Tories, start listening to the trade unions and start listening to folk like Richard Murphy before coming back in a year or so with policies for fair taxation, public services kept public, economic growth and a welfare state that actually supports, rather than demonises, those who need it.

Then their support builds, people rejoin, activists become active again and Labour win the next election by just enough seats to form a majority, preferably in a house without a single Lib Dem MP and plenty of Greens and independents.

That’s what I think I’d like to happen.

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 Political Bits

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  • Would nice wouldn’t it? Why don’t you cheer yourself up by watching all but the last ten minutes of “A Very British Coup” for the sort of Labour prime minister we hoped we would get (instead of The Joker and Sadsack)

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