#OccupyLSX and The Olympics

This evening’s London Evening Standard, published before St Paul’s voted to suspend legal action against the Occupy London Stock Exchange (LSX) protest, carried this sentence on its front page:

‘Tent City’ could mar Olympics and Queen’s Jubilee’

Mar? I can think of few better ways to mark the Olympics than a protest against the worst excesses of capitalism.

I have many problems with The Olympics, including but not limited to:

  • They’ve forced an unprecedented wave of corporate sponsorship on to us,
  • They’ve embraced multinationals at the expense of local, independent businesses,
  • They’re disrupting London’s transport just so they can stay in high falutin’ hotels on the other side of the city,
  • They’ve a dodgy record with suppliers, and a record with dodgy suppliers (see Playfair2012),
  • The construction companies they’re using aren’t being entirely worker-friendly (see the National Shop Stewards Network),
  • The Paralympics are sticking a seriously insulting middle finger up to the very people they’re meant to be supporting by getting in to bed with ATOS (see Black Triangle – and join the boycott.)

Personally I think Occupy LSX would be a perfect antidote to the corrupt, capitalist nonsense of The Olympics, showing that there are people in Britain, and across the world, who are fed up with being trodden on and won’t get out of the way just because a bunch of well-heeled Olympic officials and their political arse lickers want the place to look tidy for their shindig.

If they can take control of our streets for their jolly we can bloody well keep control of the space outside St Paul’s.

And that goes for the Jubilee too.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 Political Bits

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