Duck! Trade Union Bullshit Imminent!

That’s bullshit about, not from, trade unions. It would of course be disingenuous to suggest that there’s never any bullshit from trade unions. There is. It’s good bullshit though. Well intentioned bullshit. The bullshit of the righteous. To say trade union bullshit smells of roses would be pushing it but it smells a lot less rancid than the bullshit about trade unions. › Continue reading

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David Starkey

A brief improvised thought about Starkey.


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This Isn’t The Sunday Roast You’re Looking For

UPDATE: here, in some of its glory, is Sunday’s set. The original four hours has been edited down to about two, removing the stuff that’s litigious, most of the swearing and a lot of the sitting around talking rubbish. Special thanks to the entourage/roadie, Radiant Or-Bint, pourer of cider, roller of roliies, mopper of foreheads and tuner of the kazoo.

This Isn’t The Sunday Roast You’re Looking For


Two o’clock tunes of a Sunday afternoon.

If you’re unhinged enough to listen please say hello in the shoutbox. Ta.

There will probably be swearing.

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Fuck Labour

A lot of my friends are Labour party members. A fair few are in the LRC. To them I say this: if a party appeared tomorrow which was pro-cuts, pro-privatisation, pro-tax havens and attacked benefit claimants and immigrants would you support it? Would you join it in the hope of changing it?

I have some sympathy with the argument that Labour are the only viable political alternative to the Tories but I don’t think that it justifies being a member of the enemy. Labour won’t change. At present their manifesto seems to consist of ‘Support us because we’re not the Tories’. That’s not good enough. We need a Labour party which actually stands up for workers, a Labour party which turns up to vote against the opposition and a Labour party that shuns the neo-con agenda which is inflicted on us in Parliament and the media.

We don’t have that Labour party. We have a Labour party which is barely distinguishable from the Coalition arseholes sitting opposite in the House of Commons. Have a look at your Labour MP’s voting record. Unless you’re in one of thee or four constituencies it tends to be sobering reading.

Labour need to change but they won’t change. They think that they won’t have to win the next election because they assume the Tories will lose it. I think they’re probably correct. That’s why I despair of my friends who are Labour members. Labour need to be taught a lesson. Fighting from the inside clearly doesn’t work.

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Blood, Glass and Showers

Unfortunately technological problems stopped this happening. This is probably for the best. We’ll give it a pop next week.

Live drunking strummings, two o’clock, here: http://primevalmudd.listen2myr​

If you’re psychologically messed up enough to listen please say hello in the shoutbox.

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Why Are You Listening To This?

Internet set, 31st July 2011

Occasionally I fire up Reaper and its ShoutCast plug in to inflict musical ramblings on unsuspecting internet users. It’s all deeply unprofessional but hopefully a bit of a laugh.


To call this a set list would be pushing things a tad. These are the songs I played:


  • Incompatibility
  • Rubber-dub-dub
  • Brendan’s Balls
  • Muscle Museum
  • Beds Are Burning
  • The Cognitive Dissonance Of The BNP
  • Love, Ire and Song
  • (riffage)
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday
  • Anna With The Banner
  • No Time For Tea
  • True Faith
  • Basket Case
  • Dancing Queen
  • I Will Survive
  • …Baby One More Time

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My Unambitious Political Hope

This is not a call to revolution and it’s not much of a hope to be honest:

My hope is that Labour lose a shit load of members over the next few months, enough to make them ask why they’ve been deserted. They get told,

‘It’s because you abandoned the workers you numpties!’

Labour then start listening to the people who are being hardest hit by the Tories, start listening to the trade unions and start listening to folk like Richard Murphy before coming back in a year or so with policies for fair taxation, public services kept public, economic growth and a welfare state that actually supports, rather than demonises, those who need it.

Then their support builds, people rejoin, activists become active again and Labour win the next election by just enough seats to form a majority, preferably in a house without a single Lib Dem MP and plenty of Greens and independents.

That’s what I think I’d like to happen.

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Ironing, like soap operas, was invented by men in less equal times to keep women occupied, thus preventing their co-ordinating an overthrow of the paternalistic hegemony.

It serves no practical purpose whatsoever beyond satisfying our conditioned belief that creased clothes don’t look as good as ironed ones.

Ban this filth! Embrace the crease!

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Another song, not to be taken too seriously.

The hot chick pic’s obligatory,
On every site that sells I.T.
Coz they think, not unreasonably,
That a hot chick pic is the only chick that the bloke in to I.T. is ever gonna see.

It really shouldn’t be that way,
Coz geeks and nerds, straight, bi or gay,
Have the skills for good foreplay,
Listening to what you say,
And the stamina to stay down there for days.

So grab a geek coz we know what we’re doing,
Nab a nerd coz we know how things run,
Grab a geek, we’ll make you shudder, whimper, moan and wail,
And coz we get turned on by a job well done,
We’re guaranteed to make you cum.

We know the right buttons to press,
And how to use a joystick best,
The sockets that we should caress,
The plugins that are a success,
When the laptop’s off and we are both undressed.

We know that we’ll never be cool,
But we’ve a plethora of tools,
We’ve bits and bites and hard drives too,
We’ve routines that will make you drool,
Learned in extra classes at geek school.

Grab a geek, we pay attention to detail,
Nab a nerd, for some interface fun,
Grab a geek, we’ll make you shudder, whimper, moan and wail,
And coz we get turned on by a job well done,
We’re guaranteed to make you…

Grab a geek when you want some hard coding,
Nab a nerd for some defragging fun,
Grab a geek, we’ll make you shudder, whimper, moan and wail, without fail,
And coz we get turned on by a job well done,
We’re guaranteed to make you cum.

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Brendan’s Balls

I wrote a song at last week’s PCS Conference, recorded it today and popped it on Soundcloud. All characters portrayed are, of course, completely fictitious.

We’re going to Brighton, we’re going to put the World to rights,
We’re going to Brighton, to show that we are up for the fight,
Because we are right and the Government’s shite.

When we’ve left Brighton, we’ll show the World what we can do,
When we’ve left Brighton, we hope that you will join the fight too,
Coz what we say is true, the Government’s poo.

Brendan won’t like it at all, Brendan’s balls are too small.

We’re going to London, to have a word Cameron,
We’re going to London, to let him know we’re not going to run,
We’re spoiling his fun, his Government’s done.

We’re going to tell him, that his cuts can go to hell,
We’re going to tell him, the public sector ain’t his to sell,
We’ll tell him aswell that his Government smells,

Brendan won’t impressed, his balls are distressed.

We’ll go to Clapham, to celebrate our victory,
We’ll go to Clapham, to drink and watch a massive telly,
So we can see Cameron on his knees.

Brendan’s just gonna’ watch, his balls have dropped off.

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