The Cognitive Dissonance of the BNP

I know it’s careless and I know it will annoy me but, whilst pootling around in Tweetdeck,  I regularly fall in to the trap of searching #BNP.  Oh my, it is depressing. Really quite disheartening. Positively unsettling. That ill-considered search brings one’s evening down like a stubbed toe on a rashly un-slippered foot.

There is, however, one thing amid the racism, paranoid nationalism, divisive misinformation and carefully perpetuated ignorance which makes it marginally more tolerable: the realisation that the BNP are actually trying to kill off their supporters by use of extreme cognitive dissonance.

This evening the BNP have been promoting the tale of a Welsh BNP councillor who is complaining about a lack of housing while simultaneously campaigning against plans to build new houses. Naturally he’s using the local housing shortage as a vehicle to spread the ‘immigrants are taking our homes’ myth but he must surely know how much damage his ‘We need more homes but I don’t want more homes’ stance is doing to the minds of his supporters. They’ll be sitting in their chairs, rocking backwards and forwards, wailing quietly to themselves, trying to comprehend it.

They can’t comprehend it. It’s a nonsense. The poor sods will be sitting there for days, quivering, sobbing and wondering why the world isn’t black and white, slowly starving to death.

As political strategies go I think it needs a little work.

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010 Political Bits

3 Comments to The Cognitive Dissonance of the BNP

  • Good Stuff! And skills on the first blog mate! I shall add you to my blog roll… Look forward to future issues.

  • Lazarou Monkey Terror says:

    Fuck them with logic Dave, and then a pink dildo if the opportunity arises 😉

  • zendevil Terri says:

    severe spanking is required i feel.

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