Why I’m not going to World Pride.

I won’t be attending World Pride tomorrow as I would rather not support events which accept sponsorship from (in other words, advertise) companies which use subsidiaries/suppliers who threaten trade unionists with death (namely, Coca Cola).

As a trade unionist I think it would be inappropriate for me to do so. When it comes to a trade off between workers’ rights and LGBT rights (which Saturday unfortunately does) my priorities lie with the former. I’m dismayed that the TUC and many of Britain’s trade unions (including my own) are willing to promote and support an event which counts among its sponsors Coke and companies like Tesco, who aren’t well known for sharing their wealth with their workers or their suppliers.

I am saddened that this year’s Pride has had to be cut back but personally I’d rather see a much smaller day with morals intact and the political message writ large.

Having said all that I hope all those who do attend have a cracking time. Pride’s important, both as a celebration of how far we’ve come and, more importantly, as a message to those who can’t have prides that things can get better.

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Friday, July 6th, 2012 Political Bits

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