I’m Dave. I like making music. This is some of it.

Retreading (edit)

Edited from an eleven minute attempt at using Reaper’s Snapshots to switch between sections and guitar sounds.

Resignation Daze

A serving of Reaper’s Super8 Looper, used for a 12-string acoustic, a cheap Bass Cellar bass and a Telecaster pressed into improvised Brian May style layered guitar harmonies.

All presented on a beaty bed of analogue goodness, garnished with a Monologue motif.

This is a four minute edit of an eleven minute edit of a 20 minute live Facebook stream.

Unfinished Groovything

Taken from a Facebook live-stream performance of a half-finished track.

The bass guitar and wakka-chikka Telecaster loops are the best bits from jamming along with the beats and the Odin2 arpeggiator in Reaper.

Synth pads etc (Surge, Helm, Triple Cheese) played live, with additional squelchy lead synth (Xhip) for that full-on 70s porn groove experience.

The Shape of Our Hearts – a collection of 80s pop clichés.

While staying with my Dad over Christmas, about three hours away from my outboard gear by train, tube and bus, I decided to have a bit of fun writing a clichéd 80s pop song.

The Attic of Jeremy Vine

I don’t write many actual, proper songs these days but I had a lot of fun writing and recording this one.

It’s about British daytime television.

I wrote a little blog post about it:

Diction Friction

One of my Thirty Second Sillies – lyrical ideas that pop into my head and, when I fail to develop them, end up as quick bits of nonsense that take a stupid amount of time to record.

There are more of them here:

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