Fun with an actual song! The Attic of Jeremy Vine

My Dad watches a lot of daytime television. While I was staying with him during spring 2022 the sentence ‘Hunting bargain women loose in Jeremy Vine’s attic’ popped into my head. I built a silly little song around it, recorded it on my tablet in my Dad’s spare room and uploaded it to YouTube and Facebook.

In late July 2022 I decided to spend an hour or so recording it properly with actual microphones and separate tracks for the vocal and guitar.

I got a little bit carried away.

  • One verse became four
  • One pre-chorus became three
  • One chorus became two
  • One middle-eight came out of nowhere.

A simple vocal harmony track became multiple vocal harmony tracks, some parts of which have about two dozen takes in them.

A simple bass guitar part evolved from ‘Root-Fifth-Root’ into something which moves the song along and even includes funky octave bits.

The middle-eight gave birth to a kazoo solo which also became a kazoo intro. Approximately 40 kazoo layers were involved.

After spending a year or so focusing on electronic music it was quite a change to go back to writing, recording and producing a proper song with lyrics and a tune.

I’d not done that for quite a while and really enjoyed it.

I’m currently (August 2022) back at my Dad’s for a bit without guitars, mics etc which forced me to stop changing it and actually get it mixed and uploaded.

After a day or so spent in KdenLive making the lyric video less dull it’s finally out there for the world to ignore.

There is far too much compression on everything and it’s probably a bit bass heavy but, ultimately, it’s just a silly little song about daytime television.

Music recorded and mixed in Reaper
Video put together in KdenLive

The original quicky

This is the original version, recorded in my Dad’s spare room in March 2022



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Any thoughts?

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