The Debauchery Song

Do you know what you were doing at 15.02 on Saturday 25th February 2006?

Personally, I was recording take 34 of a banjo solo for this track, Debauchery.

I recently found the audio files on the hard drive of an old laptop in a Cubase project folder. I ditched Cubase for Reaper in 2008 so can’t open the projects but the raw audio files aren’t fussy about such things.

This re-working of the song uses the original recordings of vocals, acoustic bass, 12-string and banjo, though they’re not all the same takes I used in the 2006 version.

The drums/percussion and synth parts are new.

This is the original 2006 version:

Primeval Mudd · Debauchery

Primeval Mudd

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