A bit of fun really but, as it’s the first thing I’ve done from start to finish in Reaper, I thought I’d whack it here.

Started with a drum part, got stuck, added another drum part which turned out quite groovy, got stuck, widdled a bit, looped a bit of the widdling, got stuck, had a couple of pints, came back, went for an obvious key change with a swooshy string patch through a sweeping filter, got stuck, did a ridiculous guitar solo, added some organ, couldn’t think of any lyrics but wanted to get it finished (hence the lyrics – you’ll see what I mean.)

Apologies for the singing!

I used these bits and bobs:

  • Reaper,
  • Tascam US-144,
  • Rode M3,
  • Computer Music’s SR-202 & CM-505 drum thingies,
  • Triangle II,
  • Crystal,
  • FA3 Amp,
  • ORGANized,
  • ReaEQ,
  • Blockfish,
  • Endorphin,
  • Mexican Fender Telecaster (the love of my life!)

Recorded in a small studio flat with dreadful acoustics and even worse speaker positioning.