I’m Dave. After a decade or so in the creative wilderness, distracted by other things, I’m having a lot of fun making music again.

The bug bit me in spring 2021 when the Mosquito of Music Obsession spotted me, an unwary middle-aged muso and, sensing my defences were weakened by lockdown tedium, struck.

That bug bit me good.

For the first time in years the acoustic got to play something other than my cover of A New England and funky/bluesy noodling in A min.

The bass guitar and Telecaster were no longer merely the canvasses upon which a carefully curated collection of dust was displayed.

Reaper was installed, interfaces were upgraded.

I shone the flashlight of recollection into the darkest corners of my memory, where it glanced upon long-forgotten knowledge hiding in the shadows, and led it back into the light.

Drives have been burdened with a fair bit of music and video, the latter largely from live-streamed jams.

This is some of it.